Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Audio Hardware/Software Response

Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed making the microphones in class. I am normally a very hands on person and I like making things on my own but I didn't expect to enjoy the process. I felt very accomplished knowing that I myself with no outside help made my own microphone that I would be using to capture sound for my blog. My rig worked very well for my drift walk. I used only the materials we were given in class, I didn't add anything on to it. After listening to the sounds I had recorded, I noticed the quality was a lot better than I had anticipated. There wasn't too much wind noise and I captured a lot of cool sound. While I liked the whole experience with building my own microphone and using it to capture my own sound, I don't think I will use this method in the future. Ideally I will be able to buy a respectable microphone that will last a long time and capture what I need it to.

Overall I had a good experience with the MiniDisc recorder. I can't recall a situation where I had a problem with it. I came from a high school that had its own video production studio and some pretty decent equipment. I would have to say the equipment I used in high school was better quality than that of the MiniDisc recorder. In the future I hope to be able to use a higher end audio recorder; maybe something that can't be accidentally thrown into Lake Michigan.

For this particular project, I chose to work with Audacity. I have worked with the program before cutting music and making mixes for a cheerleading team I coached and I found it very easy to work with. I will definitely use Audacity for future projects.

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