Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Video Hardware/Software Response

I had a very good experience with my olympus digital camera.  It was very easy to use and I was able to upload everything without any problem.  I have used better cameras in the past but there wasn't that much difference.  In an ideal world, my camera of choice would function pretty much the same way as the olympus.  I like things to be simple and straight forward.  However my camera would have a much better and sharper image quality.

I actually used two different video-editing softwares; Vegas 8 and iMovie.  I had used Vegas throughout high school and I purchased Vegas 8 last year and I have become very familiar with it.  However that was on my computer at home which is a PC and it doesn't work on my Mac that I have for school.  So I was forced to work with iMovie.  But for some of the things I wanted to do I chose to edit on Vegas because I knew exactly how to use it and there wouldn't be any problems.  I only used Vegas for two of my videos.  The others were edited on iMovie.  I imagine I will use both editing softwares in the future.