Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reading Response

The article I chose for this response was "On A Clear Day I Can Hear Forever" by Gary Ferrington.  I chose this article because I really liked the detail he used to describe the different sounds he hears on a daily basis in his city.  While he can handle all the noise, he still appreciates the quiet times.
Ferrington writes that he is not "displeased with the sounds of [his] city" but that he enjoys the sounds that others may not get to hear.  These aren't just sounds to him that he's hearing.  Ferrington describes them in a way that says they mean something to him.  He appreciates every sound he hears and every sound he doesn't.  He has listened to the sounds of his city for so many years he knows the schedule of the city noise and the quietness.  But even though he may not mind the city sounds, Ferrington still enjoys the quiet times and it's times like these that he "can hear forever".
I believe that as a media artist I try to appreciate every noise that is around me.  Whether it's the sounds of a big city like Milwaukee or the sounds of my small neighborhood in the town of Genesee.   I really like sounds and I enjoy noise but it's always nice to have peace and quiet every once in a while.

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